Zephyr Adult Crew Socks

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The Zephyr gently blows into the Stellar Series. Reminiscent of a sea breeze in summertime, these predominantly blue socks are truly unique in our lineup with their monochromatic grouping. Colors in this sock: turquoise, cream, royal blue, sea foam green.
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Zephyr Adult Crew Socks - Reviews

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Love all the blue





While Solmate Socks are fun in their mix of colors, I like Zephyr for the high use of blue. 

I almost selected  4 out of 5 on value, but selected 5 because these are handmade socks made in America, made with creativity galore.  There is value in that. 

The socks wear very well.  The only criticism is older pairs take a little longer to put on and take off. 

If you like or love blue, buy Zephyr.  These are fun to wear. 

MizzouRah - Kansas City, MO
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