Adult Single-Pattern Hats


Lots of color options! Hats are one size fits most adults and they have a plush, fleece lining to keep the ears extra warm. They'll fit older kids too, they just won't be as snug.
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Love love love this hat!!





I hate winter. I am always cold. I live in Missouri so there's no getting around it. I have learned that keeping my ears & head covered makes a huge difference in keeping me warm. I have literally at least 20 hats. Everyone knows they are a necessity for me so I get them as gifts often. This hat in particular came from my Mother-in-Law. One of the best gifts ever!! Other hats become itchy after I've been wearing them for a while and can even cause a "rash" on my forehead. This hat is lined making it perfect. It is also super warm. Other hats I've had to wash several times in a season because they show the dirt so easily. This hat with it's crazy fun pattern has yet to look dirty. I have washed it though and it came out looking exactly as it did when it went in. I have had trouble in the past with hats losing shape but no problem at all here. I have received SO many compliments on my hat. People all over ask about it and love that it is so unique. I just got a second hat for my birthday, not because I needed it , but because I'm so in love with my first one that I don't ever want to be without it. Having two allows me to keep one in the car or in a second coat so that I won't ever forget it. As a side note, I also have the finger-less gloves and many pairs of the socks. LOVE!

T-Rex - Missouri
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