Solmate Socks is proud to be a long-time supporter of Dragonheart Vermont. Dragonheart Vermont is a community of breast cancer survivors that come together to race dragon boats, but ultimately their purpose goes much deeper. The prevailing benefit to Dragonheart's members is the message of hope the organization brings to the people facing a cancer diagnosis: there can be a vigorous, exciting, and joyful life after cancer. They are a community of survivors at all stages, from initial diagnosis to celebrating many years cancer-free. If you have ever known anyone that has dealt with breast cancer (or any cancer) you know the extreme importance of having a community to provide support.

In 2016 we had to say goodbye to one of our own Sockladies who lost a long battle with breast cancer. As we all went on that cancer journey with our beloved co-worker, the immeasurable value of having a community to rally around her became incredibly evident. She was an amazingly strong person who lived a very vibrant life despite her diagnosis. We miss her every day.

We are proud to donate to Dragonheart Vermont every year, and this year even more so. The 2016 donation will be in honor of Socklady Lisa Pierantozzi. We hope you order this month so that together we can make this our biggest donation ever.