Solmate Socks has a long and proud history of community involvement and support of non-profits organizations. For twelve years we have loved working with the amazing community of people at Dragonheart Vermont to assist with their fundraising efforts.

Dragonheart Vermont is a community of breast cancer survivors that come together to race dragon boats, but ultimately their purpose goes much deeper. They deliver a strong and powerful message of hope to the people facing a cancer diagnosis that there can be a vigorous, exciting, and joyful life after cancer. We have loved working with them since 2005, but our support of this organization became that much more personal when in 2016 we lost a beloved co-worker to breast cancer.

It is with great honor that every year, a portion of all sales in the month of October will be donated to Dragonheart Vermont, including sales from these two beautiful Dragonheart Vermont scarf designs and Dragonheart Vermont Fingerless Mittens. We are proud to be a longtime supporter of such a wonderful organization and encourage you to place an order this month so we can make this our biggest donation ever.

DHVT_BlkScarf.jpg DHVT_RedScarf.jpgDHVT_FM.jpg

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